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Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Interview with erotic romance author Kayden McLeod

I'd like to welcome fellow Eternal Press author, Kayden McLeod.. Her latest story, "Jezebel's Article," is being released by Eternal Press on December 7. Be sure and join us on the Eternal Press Reader's Group, and tune in for the live chats Monday night with Kayden and the other EP authors who will be hanging around.

Eternal Press Readers Group

She was one of the first EP authors to extend a hand when I joined the group in preparation for the launch of my first story with EP in January 2010, hosting an interview with me on the Eternal Press Paranormal Blog. I'd like to return the favor and have Kayden tell us a little bit about herself and her writing.

Kayden, you have three releases coming out between now and early spring, plus you just released a free short story in November. Where do you find the time to write?

I’m a creative person by nature, and most content when creating, spending late nights, very early mornings and entire weekends doing so. Every available moment I have, I’m attached to a computer…my daytime job has me at a computer all day, and when there isn’t much else to do, I’m writing, promoting or just discussing books and ideas with my writing crew.

I've read an excerpt of Jezebel's Article, and the heat level of your stories seems to be as hot as molten lava. Most contain vampires, and "Deep Water Legends" is cross-genre: paranormal science fiction with both witches and vampires. Do you write only erotica and paranormal stories or have you dabbled in other genres?

To date, I’ve written paranormal everything, fine tuning a world I created almost ten years ago, building on it and making it better. One day that may change, but for now everything in immersed in this, or just has a touch here or there. My erotica, romance and science fiction are all in the same world, just different facets, situations, characters/races. Though I haven’t touched much on them with what is currently out, there are also demons, angels, deities, shifters and much else you would expect to find, and some not so much .

I see. So you write a lot of series in the same world. Makes sense. Where do you get your ideas and inspirations?

I’ve always been told I have a very vivid imagination and would guess it helps a lot. It allows me to think up some of the most strange and wonderful things in the most unlikely of places. I never know when/where/why I will get an idea, it just happens.

When you sit down to write, do you have your plot and characters mapped out or do you begin with an idea and see where it takes you?

It really depends. I write a lot of different series, and those are a process unto itself. It always starts with one book, and while I draft that one, thoughts of the next one appear, sometimes even further than that. Most times only half-thoughts, and they may start the next book, but by the time I’m done with it those ideas are normally better or replace the originals.

In the few single titles I’ve written, I sit down with nothing and the book will take me where it will. There is a gothic romance I’m also tinkering with right now (very early stages), and it was one of the first books I actually wrote out a proper outline to build the idea before I even started.

Can you tell us about some of your other works in progress?

But I have so many!!! I have a Paranormal Romance series consisting of five books I’ve been working on forever, which is vampires (sigh, my obsession), another Coven in British Columbia and their story of how they started in 1904 and worked its way forward until present day Canada.

I’m in the middle of two more full-length paranormal erotica stories with the Cornwall books (Deadly Fetishes), and their continued adventures at the RedLine and beyond. This is such a fun series for me, as these particular characters are a wide variety of insanity I adore, always doing the least expected and creating ideas that blow my mind, lol.

And Sara’s Story isn’t anywhere near finished yet. Right now there are books one and two, with three coming out next year. I have so many plans for Sara and her growing crew of delectable men.

What is one thing everyone probably already knows about you and one thing that would surprise us to find out?

I  have a dirty mind (or so many have told me)!

I have two miniature pinchers and a pit-bull-Rottweiler cross, eight rats (right now anyway, since they will have wee-ones), two ball-pythons, and very soon to have a cat (haven’t decided breed yet). I’m having a protest to name him/her Bob…but so far no luck! Tehe.

Thanks for stopping by, Kayden. How can readers connect with you?

Here are all the the links:

"Jezebel's Article"                                      

December 7, 2009
Eternal Press

Jezebel has a new job, writing a sex column article for a small specialty interest paper in Vancouver British Columbia, and has decided to join her best friend Jade in attending a very specialized party…a sex party in fact, where she meets two of the most tempting men she could’ve ever imagined.

Deadly Fetishes

Eternal Press
February, 2010

If you could have immortality, would you take it? Running in fear of her life, and that of her best friend’s, Kelly would definitely say no to such an age-old question. Kelly is a quiet conservative woman who is prone to panic attacks. Marcus is a walking manual on sexual pleasure that just happens to work in a fetish club, and takes full advantage of every perk of his job. He is captivating and dangerous, and knows exactly what he wants.

"Deep Water Legends"

Moongypsy Press
January, 2010

The ruling body of vampires have let loose their top Hunters to get back an artifact. Their mission: retrieve the Dragon Stone, exterminate the Rogue and rescue the innocent human witch. Once a mission has been sanctioned, there isn’t a way to go back. Fernando was a Council employee and researcher, who stumbled upon a document suggesting a whole other race existed out there somewhere. He was tired of getting laughed at for what he sincerely believed in. No matter what risk lay ahead of him, he will prove his findings.


  1. Great interview, Kayden...Do you really have snakes for pets???...My of luck with all your upcoming releases....Tabs

  2. Awesome interview Kayden...Woooohoooooo! cough cough werewolf chicken cough cough lol...

  3. LOL Hey Tabz, yup two of them. They are sweet as pie :) And thank you!!!

    Trent *sneeze cluck* The Paranormal Parodies here we come, haha, ty!!

  4. Hi Kayden,

    Good luck tommorow with your release! It seems like a must read.