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Sunday, November 29, 2009

PREVIEW: "The Shoot" by Andrew RIchardson Will Be Released by Eternal Press December 7

Next Monday, December 7, Andrew Richardson's short story "The Shoot" will be released by Eternal Press. If you like mainstream women's fiction, the kind you see read in literary magazines, check it out.

Kath Mahoney only attends her friend’s first glamour photo shoot because Pippa needs someone to drive her there. Kath expects to find the day boring, but her interest is stirred when the photographer, Rob, turns out to be a sexy, blonde, former glamour model called Robyn.

Kath allows herself to be talked into posing with Pippa. She warms to the sexy poses, and enjoys the photographer’s attention. When Robyn invites Kath back for a solo shoot, Pippa is crushed. Even before Kath steps into the studio, though, Kath suspects that neither she nor Robyn will be particularly interested in taking photographs.

I met Andrew Richardson a while back on where I workshop my urban fantasy and science fiction. I've always enjoyed working with him and our star charts crossed when I found myself part of the Eternal Press Author’s group, being welcomed by none other than Andrew who now has two stories out with Eternal Press. The Wood is supernatural horror with a Celtic theme, and hold onto your skirts lassies, it is not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, I couldn’t put it down, even though I knew I’d lose a few nights of sleep.

No worries with "The Shoot’ though. Even though it features some of the same characters as The Wood, this is mainstream, F/F erotica with not one scary moment. I was moved by the sensitive portrayal of female friendship and a woman’s struggle with her sexual identity. These characters are so real, it made me think of friends I haven’t seen in a while that I really need to re-connect with. By the final paragraphs, which I will not share here and spoil the read, I had tears in my eyes.

If you've ever had a girlfriend to see you through the dark moments, you'll appreciate

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