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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Gift Packages Available

Hot Chocolate Kiss is a perfect stocking stuffer: short, sweet, and sexy. Guys love it, too, thanks to the sports both on and off the slopes.

The Journey is a great story for those who love historically based plots, a love story, and lots of magic and intrigue.

As always, contact me if you'd like a personalized note or signed print copies of either or both stories sent out in time for holiday gift giving. 

The blonde perched on a stool wore boots that looked like she’d strapped a husky dog to each leg. Keela doubted she had ever skied in her life. That sleek blonde ponytail wouldn't fit under a helmet, and she'd freeze her perky tits and tight ass off wearing that pink fleece jacket and black spandex pants.

She prattled out the usual disclaimers while processing the credit card transaction. "No refunds for conditions. The gondolas are closed due to high winds. Only the open chairs are going to the summit, and we might have to close them as well. The ski patrol has put up an extreme weather alert: no exposed skin, take frequent re-warming breaks."

Keela tried not to sound bitchy. This wasn't one of Ken's girlfriends. The kid was just doing her job. "Thanks for the tips."

After securing the $75.00 ticket on her parka and putting on every piece of protective equipment in her pack, she waddled out the door like a stuffed pig, sweating like one, too.

She knocked the ice off the bottom of her boots with her poles and clicked into the bindings. No matter who I’m with, it’s always me against the mountain—alone.

Keela skated over to the lift where the same guy she’d met outside the can was working. "It’s the Tuckerman lady." He winked and guided the chair under her butt.

She couldn't see the rest of his face but imagined him licking his lips.

The lift swept her up, and he called out, "Seriously, be careful. I’ll buy you a Hot Chocolate Kiss when you come down from the summit, sister."

I don't think so, dude. No more being treated like a buddy who happened to have a receptacle instead of a plug. No more schlepping boots and ski equipment, plus a backpack full of camping gear to the summit of Mount Washington , dodging rockslides and avalanches, to ski Tuckerman Ravine. No more romantic nights crammed into a lean-to, surrounded by a unisex cadre of other idiots, with a sleeping bag, thermals, and Gore-Tex to light her fire.               View the Trailer

           An excerpt of The Journey

Villagers swarmed around the dappled gray stallion to obstruct her passage. They buzzed like flies on  dung. Since the day Milena stumbled dazed and disoriented out of the Swampscott forest, and Hecabe'slair, they'd branded her a sorceress. Thomas found her huddled near the docks, knowing little of the world and nothing of her origins, surviving only by an innate ability to forage and perform simple magic. He transformed her from an illiterate, illegitimate enigma with his love and attention, teaching her numbers, letters and the ways of the civilized.

If not for the laws on the books, and the protection Thomas provided, Milena would have been hanged. Being shunned was the extent of her punishment. And for that she owed him her loyalty and fidelity. Perhaps the winds of war blowing since Lincoln 's election and the Southerners' secession now occupied the Northerners' attention, but Milena knew prejudice to be a blinder as effective as those used on skittish work horses.

"Go back into the woods where you belong, witch." A woman reached up and tugged Milena's ebony plaits. "Immodesty in dress and action. No cap covering your hair, devil worship at the full moon."

Greystone reared. The crowd fled the horse's shrill whinny and pawing hooves.

The woman spat on the ground. "Good riddance, demoness. Ride your ghost mount back whence you came."

Milena clutched the horse's middle with her legs, regained her balance and continued on to the docks. The gray, sticky aura of the sea's wrath shrouded everything in Milena's sight. Whitecaps frothed on the bay. Plumes of sea spray surged through the planks with each swell the agitated waters. A steady wind dispersed black clouds over the town.

Hateful eyes glared from a safe distance. She tethered Greystone and walked into the shipping company office. Her footsteps echoed in the room. The workers fell silent.

She approached the purser's desk. He surveyed her from the neckline of her sackcloth dress down to the battered boots on her feet. "What business have you here, witch?"

"To inquire after Thomas Harper." Milena ignored her heart pounding and stared directly into his eyes. He would not intimidate her.

"And of what interest is he to you?" A smirk spread over his face.

The vision of Thomas headed into the forest on the day he left flashed through her mind. Milena's voice quavered despite her effort. "He's my husband."

Unmoved, the brute spoke with the venom of a poisonous snake. "His ship was last seen leaving Cay West on two months ago. The ship went down, but no one knows where." His crooked smile indicated perverse delight in delivering the news. Despair surged through Milena's body like lightning. Her heart trembled with grief, the empty pit in her soul ached. Why had the spirits not spoken the truth? She would not show any vulnerability, she would not react, she would not give them the pleasure of seeing her cry.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gianna is At ChiCon Today

I'm here in Chicago for a whirlwind visit. The weather is muggy and rainy (just like NYC), a great day to be busy with a reading and signing.

I have copies of The Journey and Hot Chocolate Kiss, my signature gift packages with chocolates (of course), special gifts for e book customers provided by Eternal Press.

Please stop by the Autograph Tables during section 7 (if you're in the Hyatt Regency Chicago you'll have the map and schedule) and say hi!

You can Tweet me too? I'll be there from 10:30-12:00 Central Time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Preview: The Art Class by Andrew Richardson

One of the best things about being a critique partner with Andrew Richardson is that I get to read all his stories way before they come out. And he has been busy, with a horror short just out and "Art Class" due out soon with Wicked Ink Publishing.
Isn't the cover gorgeous?

The idea of posing naked in front of a class isn't something I'd relish, but perhaps if I looked like Kerry-Jane, I'd give it a go. She decides to indulge in one of her fantasies as a birthday gift to herself, with a little help from her best friend.

My favorite part of this quick, enjoyable read was when Kay-Jay gets to see the varied images of herself the students have created while she knelt naked on a red velvet sofa. Things heat up considerably after Kay-Jay pecks a reassuring kiss on the cheek a gentleman who's insecure about his artistic talents. But not everyone in the class feels the same about their work.


I’m the teacher.” His handshake was firm, but soft at the same time. “You’re shaking. I do hope you’re not too nervous.”
“A little.”
“Is this your first time?”
Kerry-Jane nodded.
Paul closed both hands around her fingers. “I think you’re very brave, and I promise you, we’ll be understanding. I hope that by the end of the lesson we’ll have eased you back within your comfort zone.”
“Thank you.”
He paused, as if unsure whether to continue. “You’re really pretty, Kerry-Jane. I’m sure the gang will enjoy painting you.”
“Thank you.” Some of the fluttering returned to Kerry-Jane’s stomach as Paul released her fingers and the rest of the class introduced themselves and shook hands: Joel, tall and slim, but shy and staring over Kerry-Jane’s shoulder rather than look at her; Frank, middle aged with a formal blazer and friendly smile above a greying goatee; and Laura, who was the stereotypical housewife Kerry-Jane and Amy had discussed, but enthusiastic rather than disapproving.
Kerry-Jane was certain she wouldn’t remember any names (not while I’m kneeling here stark naked with everyone looking at me).
The last student stepped toward her, and she swallowed as a Latin Adonis gazed down on her with deep, dark eyes. He shifted a bottle of red wine from his right hand to his left to shake hands.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Savor All The Flavors of Romance

Some might have been wondering where I’ve been the last year—and if I’ve been writing. The answer is yes, but the focus has been  on a novel  instead of shorter pieces.  For those non-writers among you, the effort involved in writing a 100,000 word book is hard to describe.  The only way I could finish was to limit myself to one project and all the research it involved.

But now it’s done and I’m anxious to get back to the Sexy Seasons series, following Rick and Keela from Hot Chocolate Kiss through the spring, summer, and fall of their relationship.  And I’ve decided to write At Home with Peter and Sandra as a collection of short, contemporary erotic stories rather than undertake another novel.

May 12 will be the kick off of a new year of writing, starting with my appearance at Connecticut Fiction Fest at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury from 4-5:30 pm. Fellow Eternal Press author April Grey (Chasing the Trickster) and I will be signing our books, and giving out goodies to ebook customers (no matter where you bought them).

I’ll have print copies of Hot Chocolate Kiss and The Journey available for purchase, and some sweet treats, too. If you’re in the area, please stop by to say hello. If there is one thing that keeps an author going it’s chatting it up with their fans.

The celebration continues right here through May 19 for those of you who can’t make it to Connecticut. Andrew Richardson, whose erotic short “The Shoot” and Celtic fantasy novel The Doe and The Dragon are on my must read list, will be joining me on my Coffee Time Romance Forum.


Award winning author Alice Gaines, who writes about nice people having outrageous sex will also be stopping by. I describe her novel Miss Foster's Folly as Victorian hysterical.

We’ll talk about our latest projects and releases, answer your questions, chat. Besides excerpts and previews, we’ll be giving away a prize a day. Hope to see all of you here. Tell your friends!

Forum registration is required, but it's easy and secure.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gianna Bruno is Appearing at LunaCon March 16-18. 2011

I'd love to meet with my friends and fans at LunaCon this year.

My schedule is as follows:

Saturday March 17

Book signing  from 12-1 pm

Room:  Westchester Assembly

(Print available for purchase and special gifts for ebook customers. I will gladly sign books purchased elsewhere)

When the Meat Is the Message Panelist  5-6 pm

Room: Westchester Ballroom A

It is common for speculative fiction markets to request no "gratuitous" sex in their guidelines. But sex isn't gratuitous when it advances the character or relationship development, the plot, even the worldbuilding - or all of the above. How to write sex that matters - and why we should.

Reading from 7:30-8 pm

Room: Bartell

I hope to see you there!