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Hot Chocolate Kiss is now out of print, but I have copies.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm At The Fifty Authors From FIfty States Blog

It's been a very long year with lots of changes. I still have business in New York City, but I am living in Vermont now. It's a bittersweet return, since no one or nothing I left behind is here with me. But still, there is a great deal of comfort in being out in the peace of nature

Now that the uproar is dying down, I hope to get back to writing fiction. First up, finding a new home for Hot Chocolate Kiss, which is out of print with Eternal Press. But I still have copies if you'd like one.  The Journey will be available from the Eternal Press website for another year, but I am still offering my special personalized gift packages for holidays and special gifts.

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Next up, writing the rest of the Sexy Seasons Series and finishing At Home With Peter and Sandra in the Suburbs.

For now, hop over to Annette Snyder's blog and check out all my news.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inside the Mind of Paranormal Author

Here is a reprint of a post I wrote both on this blog and for Whipped Cream Reviews, just after I photographed a spectral orb (be sure to blow up both the pictures of the cemetery or you will not be able to see it).  Just so you know where I get my inspirations.

I once sailed out of Camden, Maine for a four day Windjammer cruise--no electricity, no running water, a marine "head" that you have to pump to flush. I had to help hoist the sails, drop the sheets, and even got to sit next to the captain at the tiller. The Windjammer I sailed on dated from the late 1870s, so it was easy to imagine it was the 19th Century. And perhaps because I grew up on and around sailboats, the sensation of walking the decks early in the morning or late at night, alone, seemed familiar, like I'd been there, done that. Those experiences helped me write The Journey-a love story with an action/adventure plot featuring a witch and a sailor just before the Civil War. 

This year, we took a two-hour cruise out of Provincetown, Massachusetts, on the Kalmar Nyckel, a three masted (with three crow's nests) replica of a 1625 Dutch Pinnace. I again got to help hoist the sails of my imagination and time travel back to the days of the pirates. That was topped off by a visit to the Pirate Museum at P-town's Macmillan Wharf, where artifacts from the slave ship/pirate vessel of Black Sam Bellamy, Captain of the Wyhdah, are on display. Blackbeard was one of Bellamy's apprentices and the displays are appropriately creepy enough to have lit a spark for me to write a pirate yarn—with a female captain, of course. 

Provincetown, as many towns on Cape Cod, was colonized in the 1600s, and a ghost tour of the labyrinthine streets lined with quaint historic inns, taverns, and haunted mansions was the perfect ending to the night. I've never been afraid of ghosts, and maybe that's why they allow me to feel their presence in such a real way. We weren't disappointed, and photographed an orb over a gravesite in one of P-town's five cemeteries, and noted a lot of electromagnetic activity on a cool (free) application Paranormal States.

So, that's a glimpse of how the mind of a paranormal author works—and how I do my research. It might be my imagination that allows me to conjure the images, emotions, characters and eventually the plots that go alone with them, but outdoors, on the sea, on the shore, in the woods, and on the mountains where nature is in her full glory-both beautiful and terrible, the boundary between the real and surreal, between the natural and supernatural, between the worlds, time blurs, morphs, expands and contracts, trapping me in a very special place. One I hate to leave.

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The Journey

Hot Chocolate Kiss is no longer available at Eternal Press, but I have copies! This is a delightful short story that makes a great gift for a special guy--they love the action both on and off the slopes.

Contact Gianna for print copies in Gift Packages, which include either or both The Journey and Hot Chocolate Kiss, plus a box of chocolates.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Eternal Press Authors' Valentine Blog Hop Begins Today

Here are some excerpts of The Journey (the prize I'm donating to this blog hop). And our publisher Kim Richards will also be sending out some great gifts from Eternal Press to the winner as well. 

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Don't worry, If the blog hop winner has already bought The Journey, I'll substitute a copy of Hot Chocolate Kiss instead. And send some chocolates to sweeten the prize. And if you already have both my books, I've got some great titles from other EP authors not on the blog hop to toss into the grand prize. YOU CAN'T LOSE!

Special Valentine Gift packages including either or both of my titles (wrapped up with chocolates) are available. Email me for details and personalization. There's still time to get them by Friday.

So, welcome to the Eternal Press Authors Valentine Blog Hop!
Here are the rules:

*Leave a comment and your email address anytime from February 9th through February 15th at 5 p.m. Eastern time for a chance to win 1 of 3 grand prize packages of 7 e-books from the fabulous and talented authors listed below.

*Be sure to visit each author and comment to increase your chance of winning.

*PSSST participating authors will be holding their own drawings as check out their temptations! Eternal Press has kicked in some swag for our wonderful hoppers and each author will be drawing for that awesome give away!

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Somer’s Rising, Book 2 of the McRaidy Clan

For The Love Of His Life

The Journey

Secrets Revealed

Passion Surrender releasing 2014

Kissing Another Grimaldi

Forgotten Legends

Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul


Dare to Breathe


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Red Dahlia

Affaire de Coeur

Deep Green

It seems like just last year that I was gearing up for the Winter Olympics—and for the release of my first book with Eternal Press. But it was 2010—and Lindsay Vonn was the sweetheart of the United States Olympic Team. She reminded me of Keela, the tough athletic heroine in Hot Chocolate Kiss. In fact, many of my blogs and appearances throughout the release month and winter of that year included references to Lindsay and her Olympic performances.

 But it's really 2014, and Hot Chocolate Kiss is off contract with Eternal Press, in out of print limbo. I still have a few print copies that I'd love to send to anyone who wants a special Valentine's Gift for someone. Guys love this hot, short and sweet story for all the action on and off the slopes. The Journey, my second title with Eternal Press, was also released in 2010—on the cusp of the new year. And like, Lindsay Vonn, I've had my share of injuries and romantic trials and tribulations that derailed my fitness and exercise routine-- and my writing. She's not complaining, and neither am I.  She's got a new boyfriend (Tiger Woods—go figure after what he did to his wife), and is making the best of a bad situation. I've had to find time to write in between moving and getting settled once again in Vermont, very close to Haystack Mountain (where Hot Chocolate Kiss takes place). It's changed—like most of us and most things—now a private club, but my memories of good times there with family and friends keep me warm on those cold Northern nights.

 So my book, my life, and my writing are in limbo right now—but over the next year I hope we'll both have new homes and a new life. The Journey continues on for two more years with Eternal Press—just like life it's all subject to change. I'm still working on my contemporary project—a funny collection of erotic shorts, At Home with Sandra and Peter in the Suburbs, with just one final story to write before it goes in search of a home. No, the last couple of years hasn't been easy—juggling work, family, and writing responsibilities. But in the works of Lindsay Vonn "If you go around being afraid, you're never going to enjoy life. You have only one chance, so you've got to have fun."